Results of frantically placing blocks for a few minutes.  Save for a couple of bugs, the chunks load whenever the player or a block enters it’s space.  The relevant functions can operate on arbitrarily large numbers, so there’s no limit on block height.  BUT, floating point errors will still be a problem farther out into the cosmos.  I have a book on computational physics that talks about effectively working with arbitrarily large numbers in the context of floats and doubles, but that’s not a big deal at the moment.

The block tinkering continues.  The day job continues.  My progress is slow primarily due to spending so much time in front of someone else’s computer.  I’ve been meaning to mention this in the context of being a new parent, because I used to think that having a baby around would be the main time sink.  It’s not true so far.  The bread and butter work unrelated to my project is still the problem.  Gotta shake it somehow.

Anyway, the above is state of the art.  The chunks work, and now so do the transitions from one to the other.  This includes transitions from one power of two strata to another.  We’re painfully close to re-implementing sick ass parkour and palm blasting.